This second Volume of a musical interpretation of the I Ching  hexagrams contains sixteen images.  The symbols evoked by the yin and yang combination of lines form stories that range from “Approach” to “Retreat” and “The Joyous Lake” to “Revolution”.  Richly layered with textures of sound, each listening experience brings something new.

If you have a copy of the I Ching you can follow along.  Can you find the elephant dancing through in the “Enthusiasm” track? Do you hear which way “they” are moving in Retreat and is it a different direction in “Revolution”?  Do you move inside the shaft as you listen to “The Well”?

The Story of “Remedying” shows the process of being aware, finding that which has been “spoiled” and fixing it and so moves on, having been corrected, into “The Joyous Lake”.

Join us with the first track “Contemplation” – we’ll ride the wind and take note of what’s been going on!


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