Ambient Child – The CD Album

The single track “Ambient Child” happened almost by serendipity one cloudy March afternoon. The melodies seemed to form themselves effortlessly and we liked the result! When listening we felt transported to a gentler, more innocent time. Visions of bike rides on green summer days, running in the streets with friends and making cloud shapes into pictures while laying in a warm summer field were the kind of images we imagined. It felt like being in a movie!

This is when we got the idea to continue the journey ourselves and then perhaps invite others to join in. The next track began describing the angst of teenage years. We were envisioning the dark and lonely places that turbulent emotions can take you during those years. Our excitement for the project grew!

You’ll notice the tracks are quite lengthy and there are no lyrics. This is on purpose because our intention is to offer you an opportunity to run your own “mind movie” with the music of the CD as your accompaniment. Below you can find the images we used while the music was being created to use as a guide or you can create your own!

Ambient Child… Sunny summer afternoons, biking in the country, flowers, birds and bugs, innocence and fairy tales come true.

Ambient Turbulent… Smoldering emotions, adolescent agony, mystical longing.

SunTemplative… Flowing gently- the rhythms of your reality, your magical healing rituals.

Ambient Firelight…. Ancestral campfires through the ages, lineage, the Elders.

Ambi Unis….. Joyous expression of daily life and in those around you.

Links… The world of the Little Folk: fairies, elves, gnomes, animals, plants, trees, and rocks.

Joynment… All come together; the circle is complete to begin again.

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